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Bejeweled Magic Wand - 3D Print File - Wand 19

Bejeweled Magic Wand - 3D Print File - Wand 19


3D print your own custom magic wand!  


This wand is broken up into easily printable parts which are all part of our Modular Wand System (MWS).  This means that you can use these parts with our other wand products to mix and match, creating an infinite number of unique wands.  


This system is particularly great for Potter themed parties.  Having guests build their own wands makes for an engaging activity, plus leaves them with a custom party favor they can take home with them.


This is also a fun print / craft project to do with kids!


These wand parts are designed to be slid onto a 3/16" (or 5mm) dowel (wood, plastic, metal) and then glued together with super glue.  The dowel gives them much more strength and durability than they would otherwise have.  


The tip of the wand is hollow, allowing room to insert 3/16" diameter magnets for extra fun and magic.

If you'd like to learn more about out Modular Wand System please see our blog post.


    Because of the nature of digital products, we are not able to offer refunds.  Please make sure this is an item you want before purchasing.

    By downloading and using the font, you confirm you have read and understand the terms of the agreement and agree to them. Below is a summary of that agreement.

    Can do:

    • Install on up to 50 commercial/business computers
    • Use to create commercial documents, files, or products
    • Embed font in electronic documents that are commercial and in a secure way so that the font may not be extracted by someone else
    • Use on, or embed in, 1 website
    • Use in 1 electronic publication
    • Use in digital adds
    • Use on, or embed in, 1 application or piece of software

    Cannot do:

    • Alter the font software
    • Rent, lease, sublicense, give, lend, or further distribute the Font Software, or any copy thereof
    • Install on, or store on, a server accessed by more than 50 commercial/business computers
    • Use on, or embed in, more than 1 website
    • Use in more than 1 electronic publication
    • Use on, or embed in, more than 1 application or piece of software


    • .STL files of all the parts needed to create the pictured wand
    • .PDF Read Me file to help with printing and assembly


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