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Custom Harry Potter Wands - A Modular DIY System

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

If you read my post about the Harry Potter Potions party, then you have seen my Modular Wand system in action.

I wanted a way for people to be able to make their own customized wand from a standard set of pieces, similar to LEGO. If there are enough different pieces, then the possibilities would be endless. I tested it at my potions party and it was a huge hit.

The pieces are broken down into a couple categories:

  • Pommel Jewel

  • Pommels

  • Transitions

  • Grips

  • Wands

  • Tips

The different piece types are designed with a hole down the center so that they can be slid onto a wooden or metal dowel for support. Kind of like threading beads on a string. The dowel core makes them much more durable.

In order to make the cores more Harry Potter themed, I used Hodge Podge to glue red and silver hair tinsel to the dowels to create dragon heart string and unicorn hair cores the for phoenix feather cores I used hair feathers. It worked pretty well, except I used wooden dowels which had inconsistent diameters. The pieces slid right on some cores with no issue, but other cores presented an issue. Next time, I would give all the cores a test before using them. Maybe even sand them down a bit.

The reason the tips are a separate piece from the want is because the tips are hollow to allow little magnets to be hidden inside. This opens the door to all sorts of possibilities. For example; at my Halloween party, we used the magnetic-tipped wands in conjunction with my custom-made cauldron stand. If you bring the wand near the cauldron stand it triggers the stand to light up and magically stir the drink placed on top of it.

For my potions party, I printed the pieces in a variety of colors to give my guest even more variety when assembling their wands. I used some really cool wood PLA filaments mixed with some metallic silk PLA.

If you are interested in printing your own wands, you can download my .STL files here.

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